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 Job Postings


We run recruitment campaign through the notification of jobs as they become available in the first half or latter half of the year or at any time.




We need different qualifications such as degree, major and career for the recruitment categories and jobs However, there are common qualifications as follows:

       - High school graduation or expected high school graduation in corresponding or related
       department of the school (except for the blue collars)
     - No disqualification of trips to foreign countries and complement or exemption of military service
       only for the man.



 Job Postings


We post job information through the our homepage, school recruitment website or job posting website, if we have an available position.




We accept the application only through the internet when job posting.
We do not accept the application through visitation, email or letter at any time.




Complete your application (containing of SOP) through internet, when job posting, and please
be prepared the materials below for those of who pass the application document screening.

       1. Picture (half business card size)
       2. Certificate of graduation from the school you last graduated
       3. Certificate transcript of high school, university and graduate school
          (if transferred, certificate of transcript of previous school)
       4. Certificate of official foreign language test
          (Certificate which is acquired within two years. It is not a requirement but for those
          who have the certificate will have certain benefits)
       5. Certificate of career (if applicable, write your responsibility at your past careers)
       6. Copy of a certificate of qualification (if applicable)



Distinct Annual pay system blended with basic and efficiency salary


 Contact Us


Employment of office or factory worker (with lower than B.S degree)
Recruit manager (e-mail: aonetex@aonetex.com)