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Dear Customers,

AONE, a manufacturer of fabric screen printing ink, has now grown
into an enterprise attracting attention abroad as well as domestically.

Such remarkable development has been made possible by the continuous trust and support of you customers in addition to our executives and employees who have made incessant efforts to create a new printing culture, while paying attention to the trends of fashion design around the world.

Not satisfied with our current success, our executives and employees will devote themselves to the realization of common interests by offering the highest quality products and services to you on the basis of our capabilities and to the support of your success by gaining fundamental supremacy in competition.

Furthermore, we will do our utmost to create a comfortable screen printing environment by predicting the drastically changing trends of environment and screen printing in fiber industry and providing the products and services that conform to the international standards, laws and regulations related to environmental protection, and to take the initiative in the change in future by establishing the system to cope with changing conditions as quickly as possible with differentiated products and services.

Thank you very much for your visiting our homepage.